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Nancy's art studio has been completed and is operational! What looks like an ordinary, mild mannered closet and drawers secrectly disguises a master art studio.

View toward the bedroom.
View toward the kitchen.
We left the original drawers in place, retained the original closet doors, added an oval overhang to expand the work surface, and added shelves and lighting to create the studio.  Also, there are several shelves behind the sitting area for more supplies and art debris. 
Now if I can just get Nancy to stop collecting rocks by the thousands maybe we can get a little better gas milage.  If you ever had the good fortune to watch "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucy & Desi you will understand Nancy's rock collection issues.  At least Nancy has not yet resorted to hiding rocks in the oven.  Even more scary--Lucy and Nancy both have identical map reading skills ("There is something wrong with the map.  It is upside down!").  Ugh. 

GREY FOX or why the movie "RV" starring Robin Williams is not fiction!

We had our first boondocking experience for 4 nights at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.  Joining us were Pete, Candee, Carol, Paul, Krista and Krista's charming friend Kelly.  Also, Bryce, Acacia and Adam joined us making it really special for Nancy and me.  It turned out that Bryce is a talented singer/songwriter and created "The Acacia Song."  (Lyric's available upon request.)  Even better, we never had to send Bryce or Acacia to their rooms or give them a time-out!  We had a wonderful time with no rain, although it was a little hot.  Fortunately, our generator and both our air conditioning units worked to perfection.
Acacia & Adam Bryce making a friend Thank you to Carol for the pictures.      The music was fantastic.  We really enjoyed The Duhks, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Infamous Stringdusters and The Steeldrivers.  Although the music was great, the 2 a.m. bedtime was challenging.
     On the first night of our trip we stopped at a dumpy campgr…

Maiden Voyage

We finally got out for our first adventure.  Yay!  We went to Ace's High Campground in East Lyme, CT and had a beautiful site.  The campground presented a great opportunity to experience the rig using full hook-ups: water, cable TV, 50 amp electric and, yuck, the sewer hook-up.       On Friday night we were joined by good friends Mary, Todd, Liz and Gordon for our first RV party!  It was a special night and we were glad to share it with such great company.      On Saturday after having breakfast with my brother Bill and his wife, Joyce, we had Bryce join us for the rest of the day.  Bryce immediately claimed the couch for herself and curled up.  Then Bryce whipped Nancy in a cut-throat game of Mille Bornes.      The rig was a joy.  The 2 air conditioners kept the 90+ degree temperatures at bay and I had the opportunity to learn all the systems.  I spent a good part of Saturday trying to install a water filter system. So, using all my wonderful plumbing skills, I only received…


Our new home finally arrived.  Yay!  Now if we can sell our old home we can get on the road.
     It is a Holiday Rambler Vacationer 34 SBD.  It is 34' long and has 2 slide-outs.  It takes regular gas and should guzzle 6-8 miles per gallon.  However, it can go from 0 to 60 in about 5 minutes.  I guess I won't be peeling out and popping anymore wheelies.  Some cool features are a queen size bed, a couch with a full size hide-a-bed, 2 AC's, dual pane windows, a 5.5k generator, HDMI wiring, and rear and side cameras.  Here are some pictures:
Living Room & Dinette Kitchen Bedroom Cockpit Future Art Studio           We will convert a closet (the area behind the 1st 3 closet doors) into Nancy's art studio.  The closet is in the hall, so it won't interfere with normal activities and will still be separated from the bedroom by a solid door.       After the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) we cooked dinner and Acacia joined us for our first motor home party.  Thereaft…

1st Confused Post

Hi everybody!  This is our 1st post.  We have never participated in any form of social media and are really confused.  This post is about our journey into full-time RVing to keep our family and friends informed.  We are currently trying to sell our house and get our finances in order to get on the road.  Our new Holiday Rambler Vacationer 34 SBD is scheduled for delivery  in the next week or 2.  Hopefully, we will be able to get on the road in the next 4-12 months.