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WE HAVE BEEN RUINED! (Plus an exciting new map.)

We are now back in Colorado in the 4-corners area around Mesa Verde National Park.  We have been here almost 2 weeks and are now a little "ruined-out."  This area was the home of thousands of "Pueblo People" who left the area around 600-700 years ago.  As a result, the area has thousands of abandoned pueblos all over the place.  Some of the best examples of the ancient pueblos can be seen in Mesa Verde National Park, Hovenweep National Monument and Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.
     We last visited Mesa Verde in 1998 with Bryce an Acacia.  In 2002 the entire park was engulfed in a massive wildfire which threatened all the ancient structures.  Although the fire wiped out virtually all the trees in the park, the National Park Service was able to protect all the of park's ancient treasures.  In fact, the fire wiped out so many trees that many ruins, which were previously undiscovered, were now revealed.  The Wetherill Mesa section of the park disp…