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Florida continues to be a blast.  Even when the temps drop, it is fun to watch the locals panic.  We actually had one night were it went down to 30 degrees and the local talking heads were making it very clear that we were all about to die.  One day we went to a crafts festival on St. Augustine Beach in shorts and short sleeve shirts.  Sure enough there were the locals in down jackets and ear muffs.
     We spent Super Bowl weekend in Naples with Nancy's father, George.  We toured Naples and enjoyed a little beach time before watching the game at Jimmie's condo.  Jimmie is George's lady-friend and has a beautiful condo overlooking a pond in Naples.  For us, it was a great game.  Just when I thought that the Pat's were going to be defeated by another "helmet catch," a miracle occurred-YAY!
     We next spent 2 weeks living on the ocean at Gamble Rogers State Park which is just north of Daytona.  Our view of the Atlantic from the front window was fantast…


It has been a long time since my last post as there did not seem to be a lot happening.  We visited Connecticut for Christmas and mostly stayed at Acacia and Adam's house.  It is so great spending time with family and friends, we really miss them.
     We returned to Jacksonville, Florida on January 4 to 80 degree temperatures and all was sunny and rosy.  Just when we were thinking that our RV travels would become routine, 2015 struck.  Upon arrival, the first thing I did was to drop my kayak onto the passenger side view mirror and, well, Crrraaack!  It turns out that side view mirrors are not cheap so we are now driving with a wobbly mirror instead of filing for bankruptcy.
     While in Jacksonville we had to finish some doctor's appointments, I had to get my teeth drilled, and we had a lot of personal business to address.  Since we were so busy before Christmas and did not have time to actually tour Jacksonville, we were determined to get downtown on this visit.  We p…