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The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is amazing!  Although I have seen heaps of photos showing the balloons at the Fiesta, no photo can do justice to actually being here.  The Fiesta is set on a 360 acre facility and launched approximately 600 balloons this year.  In 2002 they launched 1,000 balloons to set a Guinness Record, but such a massive launching was later determined to be too dangerous to attempt again.
     The Fiesta is a 9 day event and draws almost 1 million people.  It is the largest balloon event in the world and the Fiesta allows the hoards of spectators to wander on the field amongst the balloons. (Due to possible safety concerns most American balloon festivals do not allow spectators on the launch field.)
     Albuquerque is fortunate to have a wind pattern known as the "Albuquerque Box."  The "box" allows a pilot to take-off, travel the 4 corners of a box, and land where the pilot started.  A knowledgable pilot can change directions by finding d…


After leaving Colorado we headed south to New Mexico and ended up in the town of Farmington. Farmington is an unremarkable town in the middle of a high desert, but it had the only Honda dealership for a couple of hundred miles and we needed an oil change.  So after finding a campsite in "Mom and Pop's RV Park," we decided to do some touring.  We stumbled upon 2 fantastic scenic areas-Angle's Peak Wilderness and Bisti (Bis-tie) Wilderness.

                 Angle's Peak was an interesting mountain, but the surprise was its canyon.  Canyons can be really cool surprises while exploring the byways of the west.  You don't have any clue that a fantastic beauty may be hidden a few feet from the road until you glance over your shoulder and the grand expanse of canyon reveals itself.  Angle's Peak was one of those surprises, especially since we were expecting a mountain.       Bisti was another canyon but way cooler.  The hike into the canyon started at the b…