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Wow, have we been busy lately.  It almost seems like work…well maybe not!  After leaving Borrego Springs we ventured to Indio, California.  Indio is adjacent to several ritzy towns, including the opulent Palm Springs.  This area is loaded with shopping opportunities, so it was a good time to do our “big box” store shopping.  UUGH.  Our time there was vastly improved as we met up with Bob and Ann Flesvig and, new friends, Stuart and Leslie Offer.  Stuart & Leslie are Indio “snowbirds’ so we had great tour guides.  
In fact, Stuart and Leslie served as trip leader for the “Ladder's Trail” in nearby Mecca, CA.  This hike was fantastic.  It was a 6 mile trail mostly through a narrow slot canyon with several ladders which allowed us to to get up and down the steep pitches.  I love slot canyons and this one was made even more special by hiking with friends.
      Indio is the home of “Shields Date Garden,” a large commercial date farm and host of the film “Romance and Sex Life of the …