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We are now in Tucson, Arizona on the Sonora Desert.  The Sonora Desert stretches from Mexico into southern Arizona and California and, for a desert, is full of beautiful green vegetation.  The fun part about life in this desert is that it will either eat you (cougars & javelinas), bite you (snakes & tarantulas), sting you (Africanized killer bees & scorpions), prick you (cacti), or just scratch you to shreds (creosote bush).
     The Sonora Desert is the home of the Saguaro Cactus.  These sentinels of the desert stand up to 60' tall, can live up to 200 years, and no, they do not contain a potable water reservoir.  These fantastic cacti only exist on the Sonora Desert and fill the desert floor and mountains by the tens of thousands.
     Neither Nancy nor I had ever seen a Saguaro and we were instantly captivated by their beauty. Nancy was so enthralled by her first sighting that she couldn't help but charge off into the desert to collect her photos.  While N…