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April 23-Happy 2nd Year Anniversary On-The-Road!!!  We are still loving the traveling lifestyle. We have found that staying in one location for a week or two allows us to relax, as well as to more thoroughly explore each new location.  Now if our rig wouldn't mind not breaking down, everything would be perfect.
     After spending so much time in Death Valley we did not allow ourselves much time to get up to Seattle to prepare for a visit to Connecticut.  So we were stuck traveling on RT 5, the major interstate that runs through California, Oregon and Washington.  RT 5 is not the most exciting road, but we found some great things to do along the way.
     Our 1st stop was Bakersfield, CA where found a beautiful campground and became reacquainted with green grass, an item which had been noticeably absent from our travels for months.  Based on the advice of our friends, Dee Dee & Tony Sparks, we took a day trip to the cute tourist town of Kernville, CA.  To get there we tra…