I remember my children listening to the Raffi song which implores "Mr. Golden Sun" to "please shine down on me."  Since entering North Carolina "Mr. Golden Sun" has done nothing but cry!  It has rained every day for 2 weeks straight.  Although we had a couple of days with some breaks in the weather, the rain put a major damper (pun intended) on my hiking and mountain biking.  So here we now sit in eastern Tennessee awaiting the arrival of tropical storm "Alberto."  Normally, I would have run west, but this year our eastern obligations made an escape from the rain impossible.

     To be sure, we made the most of the inclement weather and still had a great time.  We made a point to take advantage of "indoor sports."  Since we were in the Asheville area, which boasts 62 breweries, you can probably guess our favorite "indoor sport."  7 down; 55 more to go!

     The best thing about Asheville is that it is the home of Paul F…


During our working years, when Nancy and I took vacations in the southeast, we would either stay along the ocean or hit the mountains and head down the Appalachians as far south as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Since we always ignored north Georgia we decided to give it a try and, HOLY COW, we loved it!  The countryside here is very much like New England with mountains towering above 4,000', waterfalls, gorgeous streams, massive lakes, and cool towns.

     Our first stop was Carter's Lake Corp of Engineers campground in Elijay, Georgia.  Our campsite overlooked the water and we took the opportunity to chill in this beautiful setting.  Nancy even took a plunge into the chilly lake water and floated around for an hour or 2.

     We used the campground as a jumping off point to visit some of the local highlights.  One evening we toured Elijay which turned out to have a cute yet tiny downtown.  The highlight of the town was the local pub, which was named the "…


After 6 months, we are finally out of "the compound" and back on the road again.  Our time in the gated resort known as The Great Outdoors (a.k.a. "the compound" or "TGO") can best be defined as medical.  We had medical appointments virtually every week, including one week were we had 6 appointments.  Not to mention 3 surgeries and 4 emergency rooms adventures.  At this point all seems a lot better and improving enough to get our travels underway.

     As highlighted in my previous post the most exciting event was the birth of our first granddaughter, Darynn Rae Ransom.  Mother (Acacia), father (Adam) and baby are all doing great and we are trying to make time to see them as much as possible while still traveling.

     So what did we do during our time in The Great Outdoors when we weren't touring Florida's medical community.  Nancy spent most of her time trying to get herself better, so her activities were rather limited.  I discovered Pickl…