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Our next stop took us straight to outer-space.  That's right, we landed in the alien capital of the world--Roswell, New Mexico.  Everywhere you look in this town there are pictures and statues of aliens. Our journey took us to the International UFO Museum where everything you need to know about aliens and the "Roswell Incident" are available.

     Apparently, in 1947 an alien spacecraft crashed on a farm near Roswell. As the story goes, there was substantial evidence of the the crash and heaps of alien debris spread throughout the farm and another nearby area in the desert.  To this day our government has covered-up the incident and refuses to acknowledge the existence of evidence of an alien crash in Roswell.  I was able to talk to a few locals who claim to have lived in Roswell at the time of the incident. Some stand by the alien crash story and some claim it to be a bunch of hooey.  Whatever you end up believing, the whole thing makes for a lot of fun in this ot…


After leaving Oregon, to escape the bad weather which had been hanging over our heads we decided to take a sharp right-hand turn when we were halfway through Idaho.  What a great decision! By the time we arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, there it was--a great big shiny sun...and warm weather.  We were so happy.
     Downtown Salt Lake City is gorgeous with the Mormon Church having a major influence.  We decided to get a little religion and visited Temple Square, the home of the Mormon Church.  The square was full of church related buildings in a pretty park-like setting.  On the day of our visit, there were close to 80 weddings occurring.  The place was littered with brides.
      While in Salt Lake City we heard that Dick and Gaila Mallery were in Bryce Canyon National Park.  So off we went to visit this wonderful couple.  We have been friends since 1980 and our reunions are always the best!

     Bryce Canyon is Nancy's favorite national park.  Hence the name of our first d…


Our Alaska journey is over.  It was a great experience but was somewhat hampered due to the rain. It was not a great year to visit Alaska.  Although we had many days of perfect weather, it was fortunate that we did not make reservations as we often had to sit through overcast and wet weather before catching the sun to watch the full beauty of Alaska unfold.  Unfortunately, the foul weather seemed to follow us back to the lower 48.
     After crossing back into the USA we made a beeline to Tacoma, Washington to see Donna, Nancy's sister.  Since Lorri, another of Nancy's sisters, was also visiting, Nancy decided to stay with her family while I traveled to Eugene, Oregon for some post-Alaska work on the rig.
     Since we drove the Canada and Alaska roads at a moderate pace, the rig came back with only the need for a front end alignment.  However, I wanted to take care of a couple of other items.  So while Nancy was having a blast with her sisters, I was camping in the parki…