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After growing-up watching the western movies in the 50's and 60's, the Arizona towns of Tucson, Tombstone and Yuma still stand out in my mind.  I think I've seen about 100 versions of the "gunfight at O.K. Corral" in Tombstone.  So traveling into these towns brings on a feeling of nostalgia.
     I was very excited about visiting Tombstone, Arizona due to its history with Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers, as well as the big "gunfight."  It seems that between the years of 1881 and 1883 everybody shot everybody else and the survivors were hanged.  The town is littered with markers indicating all the gunfights and deaths.  Given the number of shooting deaths, I bet the streets must have been colored "blood red" rather than mud-brown.
     Tombstone's Boot Hill, in a beautiful desert setting, was filled with over 250 bodies from untimely deaths during the 1881-1883 period.
     Since Tombstone is such a huge tourist trap, we decided to…


Lately, it seems as if we have been immersed in rocks.  After leaving White Sands we went to Rockhound State Park, then we went to City of Rocks State Park, and finally we went to Chiricahua National Monument whose primary feature is canyons full of rock formations.  Even though the rocks we were finding did not fit into her jewelry fabrications, Nancy was in her glory.

     Rockhound was a tiny park in New Mexico were thousands of semi-precious stones laid at our feet.  However, all the stones were very raw and beyond the ability of Nancy's equipment to put into jewelry condition.  City of Rocks was another New Mexico state park but its rocks were weirdly shaped boulders in a garden-like setting.  The boulders in this park seemed as if they shot up from the desert floor.  The coolest part of this park was that the boulders had enough room between them that you could spend hours exploring the alleyways and slots between these massive forms.

     Since our rig and car appeared …

White Sands Sledding



We just got back from a great trip to Connecticut.  After so many months of absence it was so good to be surrounded by our family and friends again.  Once again we had a hectic schedule and could not see everybody we wanted.  However, spending a lot of time with my 92 year old mother was very important.  We had some great meals prepared by gourmet chefs Liz and Gordon Hines and Rob and Penny Finlayson (well, Liz and Penny anyway).  We got to see Acacia and Adam's new kitties.  And we had a lot of time hanging out with Bryce, Acacia and Adam.  Also, we were very fortunate to arrive in the middle of a fantastic fall foliage display.  Time seemed to pass way to quickly and before we knew it we were flying back home to Albuquerque.
     Upon returning to ABQ we made a quick resupply run then headed south to Alamogordo, New Mexico.  Alamogordo is near Billie-The-Kid country, a few ski resorts, and White Sands National Monument.  White Sands is actually located on a massive missile…