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As many of you know, March 12 was our planned departure date.  Recall the famous Yiddish proverb "man plans and god laughs."  Yes we are still in CT helping Acacia & Adam.  However, before we decided to delay the trip, we had the rig 99% packed.  Now we have been living with A&A for the last 6 weeks wearing threadbare clothes (front, back, inside, & outside).  Also, all our toys are safely packed away in the rig.  
     Since I am not a happy "couch potato," we decided to use our free time doing household chores and visiting places in CT.  There are a lot of interesting places in CT that we never visited.  Our first stop was the Carousel Museum in Bristol.  This turned out to be a much more interesting experience than I expected.  Admission was inexpensive and included a private tour.  
     Next I decided to visit CT lighthouses.  This was a good excuse to travel the roads along Long Island Sound.  CT has 21 lighthouses so now I had a mission. …