As many of you know, March 12 was our planned departure date.  Recall the famous Yiddish proverb "man plans and god laughs."  Yes we are still in CT helping Acacia & Adam.  However, before we decided to delay the trip, we had the rig 99% packed.  Now we have been living with A&A for the last 6 weeks wearing threadbare clothes (front, back, inside, & outside).  Also, all our toys are safely packed away in the rig.  
     Since I am not a happy "couch potato," we decided to use our free time doing household chores and visiting places in CT.  There are a lot of interesting places in CT that we never visited.  Our first stop was the Carousel Museum in Bristol.  This turned out to be a much more interesting experience than I expected.  Admission was inexpensive and included a private tour.  
Nancy enjoying the indoor carousel
     Next I decided to visit CT lighthouses.  This was a good excuse to travel the roads along Long Island Sound.  CT has 21 lighthouses so now I had a mission.  In addition, we were able to combine lighthouses with a visit to Todd & Mary (good friends) and to take in a "Red Molly" concert with Carol & Paul (Nancy's sister & bro in-law).  "Red Molly" provides a not-to-be-missed performance.
Stonington Harbor Lighthouse
New London Harbor Lighthouse as viewed from UCONN's Avery Point Campus' sculpture garden.  There is a lighthouse in the background, but I like the big head! 

Five Mile Point Lighthouse: New Haven, CT
     The Mark Twain House in Hartford was well worth the visit.  I drove by this museum on my way to work every day and finally made it.  Samuel Clemens lived in CT for years and most of his famous novels were written in the "Mark Twain House."  Samuel was a cool and interesting character and his Hartford home was beautiful.
Mark Twain House.  They did not allow interior pics.
     For our last big event Bryce surprised us with with tickets to the Yankee v Red Sox game in Yankee Stadium.  We arrived an hour early yet still found ourselves in the middle of thousands of fans trying to enter the stadium.  We had parking right next to the stadium and, of course, we arrived on the wrong side of the stadium.  The entire road to our parking spot was blocked by barricades and hoards of people.  We showed our parking pass to the police and they graciously removed several barriers and directed us to the correct location.  The New Yorker's were very polite in allowing us to pass.  I was stressed-out but the NYPD and NYY fans were wonderful.  The new Yankee Stadium was beautiful and the fans around us were a lot of fun.  Although the Yankees won, we saw a great game and even witnessed an instant replay review which is now notorious for demonstrating that even instant replay can fail.  It was an amazing experience.
Nancy, Bryce, & Me
The view from our seats.
     It now looks like a go for this Wednesday April 23!  We are very excited.  We will be making our way across southern Ohio and southern Indiana before heading north to Goshen, Indiana for the "Escapade" and the "Boot Camp" offered for newbies at the "Escapade."  The Escapade is a rally conducted by the Escapees RV Club.  The Escapee's RV Club is the largest club for "full-time" RV'ers.
     I guess it is finally time for this old couch potato to rise up from his armchair and get on-the-road!