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Since we were heading into Louisiana after Texas, we could not resist the opportunity to stop at Betty's, our favorite RV park.  Betty's is in Abbeville, LA and is in the heart of Cajun Country.  We were last here in November 2014 (see my post dated 12/23/2014) and had a fantastic time.  This time was even better as we stayed a full week.  This gave us the opportunity to more deeply explore the area as well as to get to know the other resident of this highly social RV park.

     Betty's has less than 20 sites and many are filled by seasonal residents, but the social life is focused around a 4:30 daily "happy hour."  Betty presides over all happy hours and, sorry "Unusual Supects" (a group of our RV friends), trumps all other happy hours I've attended since being on-the-road.  These mini-parties never end before 8:30 and many keep going until 10 (when quite hours start). Twice Nancy and I went out to dinner in the middle of happy hour and return…


As the weather in Arizona kept getting warmer we decided to take advantage and head to the lake. Although lakes are not that common here, Patagonia Lake State Park certainly filled the bill. Patagonia Lake is a man-made lake near the Mexico border and as luck would have it, the lake is in the town of Patagonia.  The lake was beautiful and rewarded us with daily kayak trips.  Also, this is a major location for migrating birds so the whole area featured a wonderful variety of interesting birds as well as lots of wildlife.  One evening when we were returning from dinner a small herd of javelinas crossed the road right in front of us.  These guys are pretty large and I had to slam on the brakes or I would have destroyed the car.

     While at the park we discovered a large group of women camping all around us called "Sisters on the Fly."  This is a national organization for women who enjoy camping with other women and when they gather they have a blast.  Fortunately for Na…