Nancy's art studio has been completed and is operational!

What looks like an ordinary, mild mannered closet and drawers secrectly disguises a master art studio.

View toward the bedroom.

View toward the kitchen.

We left the original drawers in place, retained the original closet doors, added an oval overhang to expand the work surface, and added shelves and lighting to create the studio.  Also, there are several shelves behind the sitting area for more supplies and art debris. 

Nancy happily at play.
She can even watch TV if she needs a distraction or wants to tune me out.
Now if I can just get Nancy to stop collecting rocks by the thousands maybe we can get a little better gas milage.  If you ever had the good fortune to watch "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucy & Desi you will understand Nancy's rock collection issues.  At least Nancy has not yet resorted to hiding rocks in the oven.  Even more scary--Lucy and Nancy both have identical map reading skills ("There is something wrong with the map.  It is upside down!").  Ugh.