Our new home finally arrived.  Yay!  Now if we can sell our old home we can get on the road.
     It is a Holiday Rambler Vacationer 34 SBD.  It is 34' long and has 2 slide-outs.  It takes regular gas and should guzzle 6-8 miles per gallon.  However, it can go from 0 to 60 in about 5 minutes.  I guess I won't be peeling out and popping anymore wheelies.  Some cool features are a queen size bed, a couch with a full size hide-a-bed, 2 AC's, dual pane windows, a 5.5k generator, HDMI wiring, and rear and side cameras.  Here are some pictures:
Living Room & Dinette
Future Art Studio     
     We will convert a closet (the area behind the 1st 3 closet doors) into Nancy's art studio.  The closet is in the hall, so it won't interfere with normal activities and will still be separated from the bedroom by a solid door. 
     After the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) we cooked dinner and Acacia joined us for our first motor home party.  Thereafter, we stayed we stayed overnight.  After a rocky night of sleep we got up, ate breakfast and then Nancy made me go to work. 
     A few days later we took it for our first real drive.  I was so nervous that I missed the highway entrance ramp and had to drive down a back road searching for our first contact with a low clearance obstacle. Fortunately, I found a large parking area to turn around before a low bridge caught me.  So still having possession of our heads we made it safely back.
     We are looking forward to our first trip which will be in a few weeks.


  1. So nice to hear an update and be able to imagine what you two are up to. Sounds like a great time other than the noise of the vehicle : /
    We're looking forward to seeing you all at the end of May! Love you!


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