Nancy's surgery was a success!  Yesterday on Thursday December 7 Nancy got a new left hip and seems to be doing well today, Friday.  Surgeries are never fun and Nancy's was no exception.  First, we arrived 1 hour early and learned that our surgeon was running 2 hours late.  Since Nancy was required to arrive 3 hours ahead of her scheduled time, this meant that she just laid there in the pre-op room for 6 hours.  When the doctor finally made his appearance Nancy actually shouted out YAYYYY! 
     It seems that nothing is ever easy for Nancy and her surgery was no exception.  Apparently, Nancy's genetic orthopedic issues complicated the surgery and gave the surgeon quite a challenge.  She ended up on the operating table for an extra hour and a half.
     After the surgery the surgeon painted a nice rosy picture regarding the procedure.  It wasn't until the nursing staff took over that the full extent of Nancy's recovery was understood.  It seems that doctors are great for chopping you up, but it is the nurses who put you back together and fully explain the reality of your situation.  In Nancy's case, it looks like the recovery will take a few weeks longer than anticipated, but full recovery should take approximately 3 months.  The next 2 or 3 weeks will be a difficult challenge.
     Today was full of fun and games.  This morning Nancy experienced some difficulties which mandated an extra night in the hospital.  I think she was faking it as she can't get enough of the delicious hospital food.  She will be released from the hospital tomorrow, Saturday and we will head back to our home in Titusville, FL.  We remain cautiously optimistic about visiting Connecticut for the holidays.
     Frankly, the medical care and attention throughout the entire procedure was very impressive.  From a great surgeon to a top notch nursing staff we have been very impressed.  Hopefully, Nancy's recovery is faster and easier than we are expecting.
     I know I promised not to bother you with any more blog posts until we hit the road again, but so many people asked to be updated on the status of Nancy's surgeries that I felt the need for this new post.


  1. Good to hear the surgery went well and Nancy is on the road to recovery. Take good care of her!

  2. Wish her a speedy recovery from us, and we look forward to hearing from you again soon! Vince & Louise

  3. George, give Nan our best and tell her I know a good drill Sargeant if she needs motivation in her rehab. Cheers! David

  4. Great! I know the road to recovery is tough but so is Nancy. 25 years ago, new hips gave my father his life back; mobility and no pain meant that he could enjoy gardening, golfing, traveling and family hikes and outings. Much love to you both and my continued wishes for a speedy recovery and Nancy's rejuvenation.

  5. Glad it went well. Hope the recovery goes smoothly. Keep us posted.


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