After Lorri & Alex departed we decided to chill a bit to figure out our next destinations.  So off we drove to West Virginia where we discovered a beautiful Corps of Engineers campground on Sutton Lake.  Since our arrival coincided with Memorial Day weekend we were in a very busy campground, but lucked out with a great campsite overlooking the lake.  It was a great family camping area and we were entertained daily watching the children having fun in the water and biking past our site.
Sutton Lake, WV

     While we were at Sutton Lake we discovered that the Southeast United States Woodchopping World Championship was in the nearby town of Webster Springs.  This was a big event in the world of woodchopping as 24 world champions, as well as a hoard of challengers were participating.  Since we know nothing about woodchopping this was a new and delightful experience.  There were axe events, sawing events and chainsaw events.  Our favorite event was the "Springboard" were the competitors had to hack a notch into a vertical log, place a board into the notch, stand on the board to hack another notch, set another board, climb onto the second board, then chop the top part of the vertical log until it fell to the ground.  These guys were fast and powerful with some guy from Australia dominating most events.  We spent the whole day watching the fun and mixing it up with the locals and the competitors.  What fun!
At the top in the Springboard competition. 
Woodchopping event.
Chainsawing event

Wood sawing event

Springboard event

     Next it was off to Promised Land State Park in Northeast Pennsylvania.  This was another park located on a lake, but we could not score one of the lakefront sites.  The park was beautiful and offered several mountain biking trails for me.  Also, we were  not far from the Delaware Water Gap, so we enjoyed a couple of days hiking to some scenic waterfalls, biking the national park's trails and hanging out on the beaches along the river.  It was a good place to relax and recharge before the next stage of our travels.

2 Waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap.

     Now it is on to New York and New England for a summer of family fun.  Can't wait!


  1. We have been to a few lumberjack events here in Wisconsin, my favorite event is the log rolling....would love to try that someday. Enjoy reading about your east coast adventures.


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