It was so great to be back in Connecticut for a few weeks to visit with family and friends.  There is something special about the being with family and enjoying the company of old friends who really know you.  We had a blast!
     It turned out to be whirlwind as we had somebody to visit everyday.  Even still, we missed seeing several people as schedules often conflicted.  It seems that some people still work.  Our trip started at Acacia & Adam's house, or rather our old house (which they bought).  It was so weird seeing the old place transformed by Acacia and Adam's taste.  They did a great job decorating their new home.  We ended up sleeping in the back room which was Acacia's former room.  However, out of habit, I regularly turned into the master bedroom every time I had to go upstairs.
Relaxing at Acacia & Adam's.
Adam, Acacia, Hazel, Nancy & Bryce
     We spent a lot of time with Acacia, Adam, Bryce, and, of course, Hazel, my mother.  Hazel is 91 and is still running circles around everybody.  She amazes me as she still drives her car all over the place, never uses a calendar as she remembers all her dates and appointments, and manages to get out everyday for exercise and to enjoy her friends.  Go granny go!
     We had a special celebration as Nancy's father, George, had his 90th birthday party.  We gathered at Carol and Paul's house before going out to dinner.  George was surrounded by family.  Even Lorri, Nancy's sister, traveled all the way from North Carolina for this special event.
George's 90th Birthday bash.
     Nancy was fortunate to be able to get together with "The Truants," a group of teachers who Nancy worked with in those days before "work" became a 4 letter word.  "The Truants" are an eclectic, crazy group of wonderful people and Nancy had the best time seeing her old friends.
The Truants.
Lena,  Amy, Jane, Nancy, Jeri & Maryann.
     While Nancy was visiting "The Truants" I was lucky enough to be invited to play paddle (paddle tennis or platform tennis) with my former Monday night group.
The "paddle pros;" Craig, Mike & John
     We were able to spend a day with Gordon, Liz and Mary visiting Mary and Todd's newly renovated home in Old Saybrook.  The renovations came out beautifully.  Our day was later extended when Todd, John and Carol joined us for dinner.  It was wonderful catching up with old friends and reliving old times.
Mary, Nancy, Gordon & Todd.
John, Liz & Carol.
     After a perfect visit we returned back to our new home happy but desperately in need of sleep.  We can't wait for our next visit at Christmas.