We are now residents of Florida.  I retired on Friday, February 28 and, on Sunday March 2, Nancy and I flew to Florida to change our domicile.  The process was amazingly simple as it took approximately 1 hour to declare Florida as our new domicile, secure 2 Florida driver's licenses, obtain plates and registrations for our car and motor home, and register to vote.  We were able to do everything even though our car and motor home were still located in Connecticut.  We even have new Florida library cards which will allow us to read ebooks with our Kindles.  Our new address is in Green Cove Springs which is in Clay County about 45 minutes south of Jacksonville.

     Above is a picture of our new home address.  You will note the 2 address numbers show "409" and "415" with a brick wall between the buildings.  Our address is "411" which must mean we now live in a brick wall about 1 foot wide.  I know most of you always felt there was something odd about us; but, I bet, you never knew we had the powers of "Harry Potter."
If you look closely you will see, next to the brick wall,
our new mailing address at 411 Walnut Street.

     We are still hoping to get on the road in mid-March.  However, circumstance may dictate otherwise.  I will try to post more regularly now as we start doing the stuff that "Meandering Moose" are supposed to be doing.